Release date: [October], [25], [2022]


Welcome to the [PrettyUp] membership service. In the application, members may be referred to as "members", "VIP", "PRO" on different occasions, referring to the advanced premium services in the application that need to be unlocked through payment.

The Service is a paid service. In order to use the Service, you should read and comply with the Membership Agreement of [PrettyUp] (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement"), the Terms of Use of [PrettyUp] and other agreements and rules (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Service Agreement and Rules"). Before you apply to open the Service and enter the purchase process, please make sure you carefully read and fully understand each Service Agreement and Rules, especially the clauses that exclude or limit liability, the clauses that apply to law and dispute resolution, and the separate agreements and/or rules for purchasing or using a particular service.

If you do not have full civil capacity due to age, intelligence, or other factors, please read and determine whether you agree to this Agreement in the presence of a legal guardian (hereinafter referred to as "guardian"), and pay particular attention to the terms of use for minors in the Service Agreement and Rules.

Your entry into or performance of this Agreement is also subject to the laws of the country to which you belong and/or in which you reside.

If you do not agree to this Agreement or any of its terms, you should immediately discontinue your membership service. When you read and agree to this Agreement as prompted by the service opening page and complete the membership opening, you have fully read, understood, and accepted the entire content of this Agreement and agreed with the service provider to become a member of [PrettyUp].


I. Definition and Scope of Application

1.1 This Agreement is an agreement between you and the Product regarding your use of the Service. If you click on the confirmation buttons such as "Agree" or "Next" or "Continue ", or if you use the Service, or in any other way, expressly or impliedly, accept this Agreement, you are deemed to have read and agreed to sign this Agreement.

1.2 [PrettyUp] Member: refers to the special qualification acquired by users who have completed [PrettyUp] registration and login in accordance with the service agreement and rules or users who have completed membership subscription in the visitor mode after signing this agreement and paying the corresponding fees according to the rates displayed on the service opening page (the App may adjust the membership name according to the business development, and the actual name is based on the service opening page). (The App may adjust the membership name according to the business development, and the actual name is subject to the display of the service opening page, and it does not affect your factual rights and interests). In this Agreement or referred to as "[PrettyUp] Member", "Member" or "you".

1.3 [PrettyUp] Membership Rights and Benefits: refers to the special rights and benefits enjoyed by users based on their [PrettyUp] membership, the specific content of the rights and benefits shall be subject to the content displayed on the service purchase page, such membership rights and benefits will be displayed on the service purchase page and updated from time to time, please pay attention to it. In this agreement it might be referred to as "Membership Rights and Benefits".

1.4 The content of this agreement also includes the related agreements and rules of the service that have been released by the App and may be released in the future. Once the aforementioned contents are officially released and delivered to you in an appropriate manner (service purchase page, application setting page, web page announcement, etc.), they are an integral part of this agreement and you shall comply with them as well.



II. Service Opening, Content of Rights and Interests, Service Period and Fees

2.1 The Service can be opened by registered users of [PrettyUp] or in visitor mode. You shall ensure that you always have full capacities for civil rights and civil acts during the confirming and use of the Service, and that you have the actual ability to enter and perform your rights and obligations under this Agreement.

2.2 You may become a member of [PrettyUp] by completing the purchase of the Service through various existing and future new payment channels or the methods specified by the App. You can enjoy the Service after you have confirmed and successfully paid the membership service fee and/or completed all procedures to become a member of [PrettyUp] according to the instructions on the page of the Service and passed the review of the App.

2.3 [PrettyUp] membership benefits may include some or all of the following types (the actual types and contents of benefits may be added or reduced, and the specific benefits shall be subject to the benefits displayed on the service opening page).

(1) Enjoy exclusive functions and exclusive materials for members during the service term (the specific content shall be subject to the page display).

(2) Other rights and interests. In order to improve user experience and service content, the App may update and modify the [PrettyUp] membership and/or its related services, rights and benefits, functions, and interface, including developing new functions/rights and benefits and deleting old functions/rights. You may continue to use the corresponding benefits, functions, or services in accordance with the actual situation of the Service after the changes and the relevant agreements of this Agreement shall apply.

2.4 The service term of the Service shall be based on the term corresponding to the membership fee selected and paid by you. After the service term expires, the App will stop providing the service to you.

2.5 If you wish to enjoy the "subscription (continuous purchase) and auto-renewal services" in connection with the Service, please be sure to read the section "III. Subscription (Continuous Purchase) and Auto-Renewal Service" of this Agreement carefully and make your choice carefully in accordance with the instructions and operating guidelines on the purchase page of the Service.

2.6 When you apply for the opening of the Service, you must pay the corresponding service fee according to the instructions on the page before completing the opening. Based on the adjustment of rights and interests and the development of market and business, the App may adjust the service fee required for the opening of the service. The service fee adjustment of the service will be effective from the date of announcement, and the service you have opened before the effective date will not be affected, but if you need to renew the service after the service expires, you need to pay according to the fee rate that has been effective after the adjustment.

2.7 Since the membership benefits of the Service are virtual content consumption, they are not transferable or refundable after payment is completed, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.



III. Subscription (Continuous Purchase) and Auto-Renewal Services

3.1 Auto-renewal service type/subscription billing cycle

The current types of [PrettyUp] membership auto-renewal service are continuous monthly subscription, continuous annual subscription and monthly purchase, annual purchase, and the billing cycle is monthly and annual accordingly. The App may add/adjust the auto-renewal service type according to the member's demand.

3.2 Description of auto-renewal service

(1) This auto-renewal service is a service launched out of your demand for auto-renewal, on the premise that you have opened [PrettyUp] membership service, to avoid your loss caused by your failure to renew in time due to negligence or other reasons, and you authorize this App to, when your current membership validity period is about to expire, transfer from the member's own top-up account, third party payment account bound to the member account (collectively referred to as "Account") balance to deduct the next billing cycle fee on your behalf.

(2) Auto-renewal specifically means that based on the premise of (1) above, the App collects your next billing cycle fees through the above account in a deductive manner, and you need to ensure that the App can successfully deduct the fees from the above account, and you shall be responsible for the failure of renewal due to insufficient deductible balance in the above account, and the App has the right to interrupt/terminate the corresponding membership rights and services.

(3) For members who have opened [PrettyUp] membership auto-renewal service, the system will automatically debit your account 24 hours before the expiration of each billing cycle and extend your membership period accordingly. If there is force majeure (such as network paralysis) 24 hours before the expiration of the previous billing cycle, the deduction date will be postponed until the deduction is successful.

(4) If there is a mistake in the charging process, the App and you shall cooperate closely to find out the reason and each shall bear the loss caused by their own fault; if the loss is caused by the uneven fault of each party, both parties shall bear the corresponding responsibility according to the degree of fault; if both parties are jointly responsible, both parties shall share the responsibility equally.

3.3 Automatic renewal service validity

(1) If you succeed in auto-renewal within the membership validity period, the membership validity period will be extended accordingly based on the original service validity period (the extended period is consistent with the billing period corresponding to the service type you selected when you opened the auto-renewal service, for example, if you selected continuous monthly subscription, it will be automatically extended by one month, and so on).

(2) The App and/or relevant payment methods may send you auto-renewal/continuous purchase auto-deduction reminders by sending SMS or internal mail or other means before the expiration of the service you have selected (please refer to the actual notification of the App and/or relevant payment method operators for details). If you do not operate the cancellation at least 24 hours before the expiration of each service cycle, the App has the right to treat you as entrusting the App to deduct the corresponding service fee of the next billing cycle through your default payment method, and once the deduction is successful, the App will confirm the continuous service of the next billing cycle for you.

(3) The App has the right to decide whether to adjust the auto-renewal cycle and fees according to the business needs or market changes, etc., and publicize it to the members on the relevant page. If the price of auto-renewal service is adjusted at/before the time of auto-renewal, the currently valid price announced on the page shall prevail. Special reminder: Unless you cancel the auto-renewal on your own initiative and explicitly, your commission of auto-deduction for this App is irrevocable. Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, the App will not refund the fees paid by you in any way.

3.4 Unsubscription of auto-renewal service

(1) You have the right to decide whether to cancel the auto-renewal service, and if you intend to cancel the auto-renewal service, you must operate the cancellation at least 24 hours before the expiration of each service cycle, otherwise it is deemed that you agree to continue to authorize the auto-renewal.

(2) After purchasing the auto-renewal service, you can manage the auto-renewal service on the purchase page or cancel the service in the following ways: a. iOS users: Open your iPhone, click Settings - Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases - Subscriptions - select [PrettyUp] to cancel the subscription. b. Android users: i. Open the Alipay app, click My - Settings - Payments Settings - One-step Payment/Auto Debit - Select [PrettyUp] for cancellation of the subscription.

(3) The instruction that you have entrusted the App to automatically renew the deduction before you choose to terminate the Service is still valid, and the App will not refund the fees deducted based on such instruction.



IV. Use of the Service

4.1 The service and membership benefits are limited to your own use. Without the written consent of the App, it is prohibited to give, borrow, rent, transfer, sell or otherwise license others to use the account and the membership service/membership rights under the account in any form. If the App finds or has reasonable grounds to believe that the user is not the initial registrant of the account, the App has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the provision of the services agreed in this agreement to the registered account in order to protect the safety of the account.

(1) You shall correctly use and properly keep and maintain your account and password, and if there is any leakage, loss or theft, and such acts are not caused by the fault of the App, the loss will be borne by you.

4.2 If you have the following illegal / improper use of the service, the App has the right to cancel your membership, cancel the membership rights and benefits and you shall not request the App to refund the membership service fees paid by you. You shall be responsible for the behavior and consequences (including losses) of your improper use of the membership service, and the App shall have the right to recover from you if you cause losses to the App.

(1) The act of stealing, using system loopholes (including but not limited to robot software, spider software, crawler software, screen swiping software, etc.), the service obtained through any non-app official or authorized channels, ways and means (including but not limited to purchasing, renting, borrowing, sharing, transferring, etc.), maliciously using or damaging the membership service obtained through activities related to the service.

(2) Using the Service for profit or illegal gain, assigning or transferring the Service or membership rights and interests to which you are entitled in various forms, or lending the Service or membership rights and interests to others.

(3) Modifying the service term, consumption amount, or transaction status of the Service member account through illegal means, or using the purchased Service in an illegal manner or for illegal purposes.

(4) Taking the initiative to crack, change, counter-operate, destroy or otherwise tamper with any security measure technology used by this App to protect the rights and interests of the members of this service, or assisting others to carry out the above-mentioned acts.

(5) When you participate in membership activities, you shall do so in accordance with the rules of the activities and in a manner that is legal and does not harm the interests of the organizer of the activities, and any use of system loopholes, flaws in the setting of rules, errors in system settings, abuse of membership status, etc. to participate in activities and obtain related benefits are not protected.

(6) The benefits obtained by using the Service are not for personal consumption or use.

(7) Other acts that violate laws and regulations, the principle of good faith and credit, the service agreement and rules.

4.3 If you open the service by any improper means or in a way that violates the principle of good faith and credit (such as maliciously bypassing the normal opening process), the App has the right to reject your application for opening, terminate the opened service, cancel or suspend the use of all/part of the membership benefits that have been bound or acquired, and you shall not request a refund of the membership service fees paid (if any).

4.4 You know and agree that, in order to ensure you fully enjoy the service and avoid you miss the quality membership rights and benefits, the App may provide you with the information related to the membership rights and benefits through messages, notifications, SMS and other forms.



V. Service Suspension, Termination and Changes

5.1 The suspension or termination of the Service includes the following cases.

(1) You take the initiative to suspend or terminate, including but not limited to membership expiration without renewal, etc.

(2) The service is suspended or terminated by the App on your own initiative because of your breach of contract.

(3) The App suspends or terminates the service due to the requirements of the state or relevant governmental regulatory departments or the occurrence of force majeure events.

(4) Other services shall be suspended or terminated according to laws and regulations.

5.2 You know and acknowledge that after you have opened the service, if you cancel the service, give up your membership rights and benefits or terminate your qualification halfway, or if the App cancels your account or terminates your membership according to laws and regulations, this Agreement or other service agreements and rules, you shall not request a partial or full refund of the membership service fee.

5.3 After the termination of this Agreement, the User shall not be entitled to request the App to continue to provide any service or perform any other obligations to him/her. The termination of this Agreement does not affect the rights and obligations between you and the App based on this Agreement before the termination. If the App suffers from the third party's claim or administrative department's punishment due to your reason, you shall compensate the App for the losses and/or expenses incurred as a result.

5.4 Due to the rapid development of the Internet, the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement signed between you and the App cannot completely list and cover all the rights and obligations between you and the App in relation to the services agreed in this Agreement, and the existing agreement cannot fully guarantee to meet the needs of future development. The App may modify this Agreement from time to time in accordance with the changes in national laws and regulations, the actual needs of business changes, the need to protect the rights and interests of users, etc., and make announcements in accordance with the procedures and methods stipulated by laws and regulations. If the user does not agree with the changed contents, the user has the right to stop using the service voluntarily, and if the user continues to use the service after the changed contents take effect, the user is deemed to agree with such content changes.



VI. Limitation of Liability

6.1 You understand and agree that the Service provided by the App is provided in accordance with the current state of technology and conditions. The App will use its best efforts to provide the Services to you to ensure the consistency and security of the Services. You understand that the App cannot foresee and prevent technical and other risks at any time, including but not limited to force majeure, network reasons, third party service defects, third party websites and other reasons that may lead to interruption of the service, failure to use the Software and the service normally, and other losses and risks.

6.2 Based on the principle of consistency between benefits and compensation and fairness and reasonableness, if the service is interrupted abnormally or the service is unavailable due to the App, the maximum compensation you may receive shall not exceed the total amount of relevant service fees factually charged by the App under this Agreement.



VII. Special Agreement for Use by Minors

7.1 If you are a minor under the legal age of majority, you should read this Agreement and use the Services carefully under the supervision and guidance of your guardian and with the consent of your guardian.

7.2 Minor users shall understand that if you violate the laws and regulations and the contents of this Agreement, you and your guardian shall bear all legal responsibilities and consequences that may arise from such violation in accordance with the law.

7.3 Special Note for Minor Users.

Teenagers should use the Service under the supervision and guidance of their guardians, learn to use the Internet correctly within a reasonable range, avoid getting addicted to the virtual network space, and develop good Internet habits.

7.4 Special Note for Guardians

(1) If your ward uses [PrettyUp] and the service, you as the guardian should guide and supervise the registration and use behavior of your ward, and if your ward applies for registration of [PrettyUp] account, the App will have the right to consider that it has obtained your consent.

(2) Your ward may use the paid functions when using [PrettyUp] and the Service. As a guardian, please keep your payment device, payment account and payment password, etc. to prevent your ward from using the paid functions through your [PrettyUp] account without your consent.



VIII. Other

8.1 If any provision of this Agreement is deemed abrogated, invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement.

8.2 The laws of the People's Republic of China shall apply to the formation, entry into force, performance, interpretation, and settlement of disputes of this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable due to its conflict with the laws of the People's Republic of China, such provision will be re-analyzed as close as possible to the original intent of this Agreement, and the other provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

8.3 If there are conflicting agreements between this Agreement and other service agreements and rules on the same matter, the agreement of this Agreement shall prevail; if this Agreement is not exhausted, other service agreements and rules shall prevail, and if other service agreements and rules are not agreed, you and the App shall reach another agreement.

8.4 If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions in the process of using the Service, please contact us through [PrettyUp] "Settings" - "Contact Us / Contact Customer Service" for feedback or send an email to [] to contact us for feedback.


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